Sunsniperusa Inc Indonesia is an online sports betting company.  Sunsniperusa Indonesia’s first head office is located in the Skyline Building (Menara Cakrawala), Jakarta. On May 25, 1990, the Company began expanding its network by opening a Branch Office in Surabaya. Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on July 31, 1990, approved the change of the Company’s name from Jayasraya online sportsbook betting becomes Sunsniperusa Indonesia. During that period, our Head Office moved from Skyline Building (Menara Cakrawala) to Wisma Kyoei Prince. The company continues to expand its network of sportsbook bets or spread information about sportsbooks by opening 6 (six) other branch offices in Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Makassar, Pekanbaru, and Palembang as well as 3 (three) Representative Offices in Batam, Cikarang and Lampung. In the 90s, the Company had around 100 employees, with an accumulated Gross Written Premium of USD 20 million. Along with the expansion of its business, Gross Written.