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How to Play a Double Chance Sportsbook

Double Chance is basically a modified 1 x 2 betting style so the odds of winning the race are slightly greater than the usual 1 x 2 bets.

As discussed in How to play 1 x 2 before at agen judi terpercaya Betberry, this game is an alternative game. will we choose 1 host, 2 squads or x when we estimate the race to be over.

Well, playing Double Chance is basically the same standard, but in this bet you are given the option to choose two of the three alternatives above. So the alternative is:

  • Host (Home) wins or draws game (Draw),
  • Home (Guest) or Guest (guest) wins,
  • Away (Away) wins or finishes with Draw (Draw).
With alternatives like this, of course, your win rate will increase and you will have a great chance of winning the bet. So how do you play this Double Chance bet?

just try logging in to your Betberry, after arriving at your main window view, you can find the Double Chance menu on the left side of the screen you select in the Double Chance menu.


So, for a double cheat, the fields below are:


In the red box we marked above is a bet for the Double Chance type, it says the following:

  • 1 x = You win if one of the finalists of the race is the winner or the winner, if the squad wins you bet your bet.
  • 1 2 = You win if one of the final results of the race is a cage or squat victory, if the race is over, so your bet is on.
  • x 2 = You win if one of the final results of the race is a victory of the squad or the second match of the series, if the match ends with the winner of the home squad thus betting us
NB: Even if the race takes place in a neutral area, the first-named squad is still considered the host squad and the second-mentioned squad is the guest squad.

For betting is also quite simple, much like any other bet, Handicap, Over Under, Odd Even or 1 x 2 that we have explained fully and clearly. Please read it again if you still don't understand ...

Betting on Double Chance can be done by pressing the win rate below according to your hero squad. The race models above are as follows:

  • If you want to bet for Minnesota United to win and once in a while all you have to do is click 1.68 with less than 1 x
  • If you want to bet and feel that this race one of the squads will win then our alternative is 1 2 and you can just click on the number 1.25 below.
  • If you want to make a bet and feel that your visitors win or race the series then all you have to do is click 1.31 below x 2

After you click, there will be a betting slip that you must fill out as usual. Here's our short tutorial on Double Chance betting. Indeed, the winning points of this bet are usually not great, but not bad for snacks and have a great win rate.

Remember to play this bet, you must have an ID or Account from Betberry, register or sign up first at Betberry which is the largest SBOBET agent in Indonesia for now. Registration can be done in the registration form under this form or you can visit.

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Thank you, goodbye and good luck !!!

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How To Calculate ODDS On Sportsbook


how to read odds To understand how to calculate winning odds that we can get from a match, of course we need to first know how to read odds. Through the article on how to read the odds that we have prepared specifically below, we will explain in full detail. Starting from understanding what are odds, what are the types, how are the calculations, and also how to apply in soccer betting. Come see ...

How to Read Odds: Understanding Odds

In the world of soccer betting, odds has the meaning of calculating the winning results that we can get from a match. There are 2 types of odds, namely odds plus, and also minus odds which can be referred to as odds minus as well. There are also some people who call odds minus water money. In contrast to the multiplication count at live casino that has been fixed 1: 2, 1: 3, 1: 4 etc., in how to read odds on soccer gambling need to pay attention to some decimal numbers behind to become 1: 1.23, 1: 1.02 and so on.

Based on the type of calculation, there are 5 types of odds in the official bookmakers of the , each of which is the odds (HK) Hong Kong, (IND) Indonesia, (US) America, (Dec) Decimal , and (MY) Malaysia. We suggest to always use Indonesian odds, because besides being easier, the odds on this market are also the most widely used by many people in the country, both cities and players. How to change the Indonesian odds settings on your computer screen is like in the picture below (how to change the odds settings on your HP will

How to Read  Odds: Odds Count

In general there are 2 odds on one market, the odds for us to put home or away. And of the two odds, there are 1 with minus odds (red writing) and 1 plus odds (black writing). It is also possible that both will be minus odds (like the example above in the bottom row, there are odds -1.08 and -1.04). But there can't be 2 positive odds together.

The first example, based on the picture above in the second line of voor 0 for Belgium vs England, there are 2 odds which are: 1. Belgium pairs, odds -1.39 If we install 400 and win, then our balance will increase according to what we have installed, which is +400. If the initial balance is 400, it will be 800. If we install 400 and lose, our balance will decrease by 400 X (-1.39) = -556. We won't be able to put 400 here if our balance is less than 556.

2. England Place, odds 1.25  If we install 400 and win, our balance will increase to 400 X 1.25 = +500. If the initial balance is 400, it will be 900. If we install 400 and lose, our balance will decrease according to what we have installed, which is -400.

The second example, we can see an example for the market on the following cell phone:

In the example image above on the TIRA VS Bali United PS bet menu, the Over / Under Full Time market is 2.5 (2 1/2) with two available odds:

Post Over (Top) 2.5, odds -1.23 If we install 500 and win, our balance will increase according to what we have installed, which is +500. If the initial balance is 500, it will be 1000.

If we add 500 and lose, our balance will decrease by 500 X (-1.23) = -615. We won't be able to post 500 here if our balance is less than 615.

Put Under (2.5), odds 1.01 If we install 500 and win, our balance will increase by 500 X 1.01 = +505. If the initial balance is 500, it will be 1005. If we put 500 and lose, then our balance will decrease according to what we put, which is -500.

How to Read  Odds: Fix-Odds Count

In addition to the two minus and plus odds, there are also fix-odds, which are 1X2. There are only 2 Odds in each match: First Half and Full Time, and specifically for 1X2, not over / under or anything else. For example, have a look at the following:

Odds for 1X2 can be seen in the rightmost column, namely 7.20, 1.35 and 4.40. In the fix-odds calculation, the applicable odds include your capital. The 1X2 calculation with the example home (Sigma Olomouc) vs away (Sevilla) above is like this:

1. If we put 200 at home, and Sigma wins, we will get 200 X 7.20 = 1440. This includes our capital, so our victory is +1220.

2. If we put 200 away, and Sevilla wins, we will get 200 X 1.35 = 270. This includes our capital, so we win +70 only.

3. If we put 200 in a draw, and the result is a draw, we will get 200 X 4.40 = 880. This includes our capital, so our victory is + 680.

If we pay attention, the calculation of the odds multiplication for Sigma is very large (X 7.20), because here Sevilla is far more favored. This is still in accordance with the initial characteristics of the fix-odds earlier that is without using handicaps or voor.

How to Read Kei or Odds: Various Odds

For the odds that are on the Biggest Bonus Website, the Official Football Gambling Site and SuperBola Online Casino Slot Gambling are divided into 5 groups, namely Indo, HK, US, MY & DEC, the following explanation:

Indo Odds (Indonesia)

A black number 1.03 means the number of wins we will get when betting. If we install 100, it means that our winnings are 100 x 1.03 = 103 The red number -1.08 means the amount of defeat that will befall us when betting. If we install 100, that means our total loss is 100 x 1.08 = 108

HK Odds (Hongkong)

Hong Kong soccer betting odds in soccer matches are sometimes in demand by online soccer gambling players in Indonesia because they can be minimized. In contrast to the Malaysian and Indonesian markets, kei money is charged up front and uses minus odds, Hong Kong odds use decimal odds without a minus. For example we put 100, at odds 0.96, if you lose we will lose 100 thousand, if you win, we will win 96 thousand.

MY Odds (Malaysia)

In this market all cash kei directly rounded into the market. In the Malaysian market all markets that are installed will not get paid more because in this Malasysia market the kei money is minimized for the superior team. For teams that are not seeded on average only have a difference of around 0.04 or 0.006 in each market.

Odds US (United States)

These American odds are almost the same as the Indonesian odds calculation but the difference is that these odds are calculated in percent. For example installing Bayern 04 Leverkusen 100 at odds 101 means that if you win, 100 x -101% = 101.

Odds Dec (Decimal)

For this decimal odds, to multiply the win, we must first reduce the odds by 1. For example, we bet 100 at 1.93 odds, then we must subtract the odds by 1. So the multiplication is 1.93 - 1 = 0.93. So if we win, 100 X 0.93 = 93 thousand.

Back to our suggestion at the beginning: Before playing, make sure the market you use is Odds Indonesia. In addition to making it easier for us to calculate the winnings, there are a number of ball dealers who provide promos with the rule that members must bet in Indonesian Odds with a minimum odds on certain numbers.

It would be a bit difficult if the Indonesian odds referred to by the city must be sought in Malaysian Odds, right? Now in this next article we will explain one way to change the odds in your account to Indonesian odds.

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Sports Betting

A Football Betting Nightmare

A Football Betting Nightmare

Gold rules of football betting. Never bet more than you would have for the keok. Never. Ever. Regulation number one in the Bible sports gamblers. But of course there is a when-when the whereas of an inevitable dhanakya-dhanakya result so you can bet a large amount of money and collect guaranteed winnings in a day? Surely there should be an exception to this golden order? I give a recommendation so there is no exception. Consider the following story about the unfortunate (or silly) player from 2001. This is a real story and a story that always retailed to me every time I have hope to gamble impulsively.

MBKD Saturday, September 29, 2001. The place is White Hart Lane, North London, home of Tottenham Hotspur, or ' Spurs '. The opponent was Manchester United who traveled to London without key players Roy Keane (suspended) and Ryan Giggs (resting DPFN The midweek Champions League race). There is a breakthrough in the air, a positive vibration among the host drivers who feel they can complete the drain of the United team. What happens next is one of the most common days in the history of the Premier League.

Tottenham Blow United Away Early-cue the Gamble impulsive.
Spurs started the race with high Dhanakya-Dhanakya speeds and before United had the time to complete the pressure, they found themselves a goal prayer in arrears, thanks to Dean Richards and Les Ferdinand. The bright red Devils were shaken and before they had a moment to regroup, the flying Christian Ziege made him a 3-0 for the Spurs before the first half. One can only imagine the familiar ' hair dryer ' routine that was given to United players by the fiery boss Alex Ferguson's interval during. But our story concerns a Tottenham fan who is in the race with his best friend and lover. With her increasingly emotional high, she assured her boyfriend that it would be a good investment to put out their mortgage on Tottenham's victory. With the 3-0 advantage in the first round, the odds would be Dhanakya-Dhanakya Sell, perhaps 1, 03, but instead put enough money, and 3% suddenly became a fun little breadwinner. What might be wrong? They recently bought a home together and with his boyfriend Ridho, he contacted his financial broker and bet placed. Their home is now riding the race results.

The return of the public. People can only imagine the tension and excitement of our kayaking soccer hero when the CHNRD round begins. It might be planning a fancy outing what they can take or spend what they can enjoy. His dissent mind in Andy Cole avenge a goal of DPFN 45 seconds round CHNRD. Less than a quarter of an hour later French defender Laurent Blanc glure home Corner and, whereas Van Nistelrooy scored a goal of the presenter with more than a quarter of hours left in the clock, the heart is in the mouth for Spurs fans and Jeti Emotionil. Veron and Beckham made the position 5-3 for the Red Devil at the end of an amazing race and a monumental comeback. Hard not to enjoy sympathy for the boxer who is Keok-he lost his house and most likely the woman. But, the first recommendation of the most repentant football betting and football betting tips you should learn is to not bet more than you have been able to be keok, no matter Kokoro sure you are about the end. In football, as in sports, as a tu there is no guarantee.

This is not the general scenario and the return of this amount may occur only the bikinis each easier the year. The point is that it CAN happen and for this reason Dhanakya-Dhanakya repent to place bets worthy of your prowess. Our professional soccer secret informers have a lot of experience, signs, tips and insights around the best way to succeed football betting. Check out  for more news and tips, alternatives, and weekly FREE football predictions.

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Things to remember from bandar sbobet
Sports Betting

Things to remember from bandar sbobet

Avid sports enthusiasts often consider investing some money in their favorite sports teams and players. If you want to find success in sports betting, there are many more than just picking the people you think will win or the ones you want to win. Although there are no articles that can claim to guarantee that you won, there are some things you can pay attention to and let yourself be in the best position to land.

Knowledge Betting is the key

So, you are a trench coat that thinks they know the content of sports. But you are wrong. For example, situs bandar sbobet terpercaya is not just a form. You must take into account injuries, tactics, opposition, referees, home or away factors; there are many other elements that can make a difference. Don't sneak into the bet - wait until the last few minutes before the game so you can do your homework before betting. You can guarantee that the reservation is there, so you should do the same.

Consider supporting collections? Slightly safe

This may sound strange, especially for rookie sports betting players, but - the favorite doesn't always win. You only need to look at the big nationals to see. While betting on the known losers may be worth a try, you should be aware of the unknown qualities. If your tennis star is accepting a rookie that no one has ever heard, you can't guarantee that the rookie is not the next Sharapova or Nadal.

Never stick to a bookstore

Although everyone has a favorite bookstore, shopping may be beneficial. Not all bookmakers show the same odds, and some bookmakers compete directly with their competitors to get more favorable odds. It is beneficial to have an account with multiple online sports books (it won't cost you anything) and then you can place a bet on any given sporting event. Also read other games online blackjack and online roulette .

Careful accumulator

On paper, the battery sounds great. Once you master the bottom of them, their magic will disappear. When betting on the results of 10 football matches (mainly when they have large teams against large-scale weak players), the 10,000 in the pocket sounds cute, isn't it? However, there is only one shocking result to drop the entire toilet down the toilet. This does not mean that you should avoid accumulation, but you should be cautious. A good rule of thumb is not to avoid the accumulator, but to limit the number of choices that appear in the accumulator bet. I personally will not exceed 3 or 4.

Why not get rid of these long-term odds?

If you have a quid on your account, there is no harm in fighting some distant things. Now, don't misunderstand here. We are not advocating betting on 100/1, and even doing so often. However, if you bet 11 in your account and want to bet on your favorite bet, why not use the remaining 1 for odd and unlikely things? That's right, these types of bets are almost never rewarded, but to say it again, you only need 1 to occasionally come funny.

Stay away from hot markets

If you are looking for the best odds, you want to stay away from the hot market. These bets bet more bets from more punters and the odds getting from the house are getting tighter. Gambling in sports betting does not make your chosen sport a top priority, as you may get better odds than a betting company that focuses on the game, league or match you choose.

Harsh results, but gambling is happy

You may have heard this, but many sports fans will swear. It doesn't have a real name, but we like to call it a betrayal bet. Basically, it involves betting a competitor to beat the team you choose. Why are you doing this? Ok, it works like this...

For example, if you are a Liverpool fan, you won't pay 5 for Liverpool to win the UEFA Champions League? Of course, you will. So why not bet 5 of their opponents to beat your team in the final. If you win, you will lose your fellow, but if you see your team raise the cup, you will get unbridled joy. If your team loses, then you are heartbroken, but at least you have made some money from it. Either way (if you think about it), you will win.

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Sports Betting

Entering the World of Football Bet

Entering the World of Football Bet

Specifically what is soccer gambling? You might have found this question, with one or another method, before if you are a sports fan. Almost all answer is where there is a certain amount of money, which much more technically known to as betting. Gamble are determined by the management or organization that determines the batch. Managing controls and dissemination of values that can be applied by players. Gamble or placement bets. The method of the get spread around team, which is actually the significance applied to the guess should be specifically won. If not, which means the same as the spread of value or less than that, each  'there is not an action ' or lose  can be raised by the player.

Football bets is published online or among people who have been approved to run it. But the reason behind talking a lot, and a lot more, is that professional online betting sites are there to deal with such inconveniences. The methods that you can use your batch according to their expectations of which team has the greatest chance of winning and earning have recently gained reputation and comfort that has been agreed upon. In contrast, online betting sites offer new views that can help players put in more profitable positions. Ball betting is determined by the player determined to be placed.

The exact amount is determined by the website managed by bets and generally may differ for every site and every specific game. There are several methods for picking the best, which have been advised before. This consists of an in a straight line batch (which means the team should win the spread of value obtained), parlays (combos or money), moneyline bets (betting which team will immediately get the fight), betting time betting, theasers (perfect), perfect from two teams played), batch or exotic don (batches other than in a straight line and over-under categories).

The proposition bee model is which team will credit score first, the last team value is created a few minutes and seconds, they value wins first, what is going to be the most effective goal, what will be the perfect field of goals, and so forth

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